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The mission of the Foundation is defined as ‘promoting education and science to enable people to act on the basis of insights and responsibility’.

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The Foundation Forum für Verantwortung (Forum for Responsibility) is concerned with scientifically founded educational work on sustainability topics such as climate, water, oceans, food, population growth, consumption, biodiversity, resources, energy, and the significance of forests for climate change mitigation. Internationally renowned scientists explain the Earth system and the central concepts of these key topics pertaining to the future in the form of publications, lecture series, and diverse educational activities. They make it abundantly clear: it is time to act to secure the survival of humankind. Short-lived consumption and profit-oriented forms of economic activity are overusing the planet at a dramatic speed, increasingly throwing the Earth systems essential for life out of kilter. The foundation aims to educate and mobilise civil society to engage in a cultural discourse and more political participation.


Executive Board: Klaus Wiegandt (founder and CEO), Anne Wiegandt


Board of Trustees: Jürgen Kerwer (Chair), Annette Maas, Thomas Fell, Hans-Werner Scherer


Association of Friends of the Foundation

In 2011, the foundation Forum für Verantwortung established the Association of Friends of the Foundation. Its goal is to recruit supporters who are willing to take a stand in society as ambassadors for sustainable development and simultaneously promote the activities of the not-for-profit foundation through an annual gift.

Members of the Associsation of Friends


Foundation report (2000 – 2015)

The report ‘15 years Forum für Verantwortung – From evolution to sustainability’ provides information about the foundation’s numerous activities since its establishment. We welcome you to order a copy free of charge using our contact form.

Foundation Report (download)


Contact: info@forum-fuer-verantwortung.de