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In 2011, the foundation Forum für Verantwortung established the Association of Friends of the Foundation. Its goal is to recruit supporters who are willing to take a stand in society as ambassadors for sustainable development and simultaneously promote the activities of the not-for-profit foundation through an annual gift.

“Above all, I am seeking active as well as former business executives who would like to make a contribution to a discourse on sustainability in our society. Members who would like to take an active role are welcome, as are members who donot have the time to take on additional commitments—but who do not want to ‘invest’ in a start-up.” (Klaus Wiegandt)

“Humankind has become the strongest force shaping planet Earth, which is why we bear special responsibility for our actions. Through our lifestyles and our production processes, we make decisions about the natural foundations on which our lives and the lives of future generations depend.” (Dr. Hannes Petrischak)

The members of the Association of Friends receive

• information about the activities of the foundation on a continual basis
• advance invitations to planned events
• the opportunity to participate in special events for members
• the annual report on the use of funds
• as well as all of the foundation’s publications.

The annual contribution is 5,000 euros per member, and it is tax-deductible. The additional funds raised through the Association of Friends finance seminars on sustainability for doctoral candidates, students, and journalists that are offered free of charge. The foundation also uses funds from the Association of Friends to continue a book series dealing with concrete blueprints for the future as well as for research projects that do not receive government funding. The annual meeting of the Association of Friends is a venue for intensive exchange about the substance of the foundation’s work. Lectures by scientists introduce the various topics related to sustainability.